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Clan Mackay Society Australia :

The Clan Mackay Society (Australia) Inc was formally established at Ballarat, Victoria  in 1986 after beginning in 1984 and has autonomous branches operating in Victoria, New South Wales and Western Australia.

You are encouraged to become a member of a worldwide group of Clan Mackay Societies, including Scotland, USA, Canada, Nova Scotia and Australia, to name a few. Please feel free to contact us directly with any membership queries or applications.

The primary contact for the national body is the Commissioner. He can be reached using the following details:

Mr John McKay JP, PO Box 615, Belmont , Victoria 3216, Australia.

Western Australia :

A Western Australian Branch of the Clan Mackay Society (Australia) was established in 1996 and shortly after was incorporated as the Clan Mackay Society Western Australia (Inc). The Society mails a newsletter to members, 3 or 4 times per year, containing information about the Clan, upcoming events and members’ family history queries or ‘help’ requests. This autonomous WA branch of Clan Mackay can be contacted through its Commissioner and Newsletter Editor:

Mr Brian E McGee Davis Rank , Villa 11/56 Sulman Road, Wembley Downs 6019, Western Australia, Australia.
Phone: +61 (08) 9341 3885

President: Ms Kay Vellender Phone: (08) 9490 1199 E-mail
Secretary/Treasurer: c/- 11/56 Sulman Road, Wembley Downs, WA. 6019, Australia. Phone 08 9341 3885, 


Membership Application Form :

Membership can be applied for using the following link to a PDF format application form :

Why belong? :

In today’s busy world, the movement of people away from the extended family, and the breakdown of traditions and spiritual beliefs, all contribute to the weakening of the social fabric. This means we are lacking the traditional support networks that in past generations helped us cope with the myriad stresses of daily living, and major upheavals, which occur in our lives. Many people feel a vague emptiness, or something missing in their lives, this drives the search for their roots and new spirituality. As a descendant of a special extended family with a rich historical and cultural tradition, with members everywhere throughout the globe, you are in the very fortunate position of being able to reconnect to your roots and re-bond with people who share that common bond. It is your Clan, your extended family, by joining you are enriched by, and in turn enrich, that worldwide family; You are free to give, or take, what you want, but it is your Clan and clan Society and your right to belong. Our only obligation in return is to give due honour and loyalty to our Chief and the Clan.

New South Wales :

The Clan Mackay Society (Australia) NSW Branch (Inc) is an autonomous branch of the society that has formed since the inception of the national body in 1986. The New South Wales branch of Clan Mackay, contact was through its President and Newsletter Editor. The NSW Branch was officially disbanded and voluntarily deregistered December 2012 with membership, property and responsibility for Clan Mackay in NSW formally passed to the Western Australian Branch.

President: Mr John MacKay Stanhope, 13/24 Edensor Street, Epping 2121. NSW. Australia.
Phone: +61 (02) 9868 2503

Secretary: Mrs Adelaide McKay Agate
Mail: PO Box 1176, Auburn 2144, New South Wales, Australia.
Phone: +61 (02) 9649 3616

Clan Mackay Society World Wide Network :

Clan Chief: The Right Hon. Hugh William Mackay, 27th Chief of Mackay and 14th Lord Reay.

Clan Mackay Society Scotland :

The Clan Mackay Society Scotland was formally established in 1806.

President: The Hon Elizabeth Fairbairn MBE, 18 Moray Place, Edinburgh, EH10 6BT, Scotland.

Secretary:  Mr Ian F Mackay, Glasgow, Scotland.

Web Editor: Mr David Hart
Archivist (Seanachaidh): Mr William Alex Mackay, 34A Inverleith Terrace, Edinburgh EH3 5NU, Scotland.

“Bratach Bhan” Editor: Mr D Colin Mackay, 36 Leamington Terrace, Edinburgh EH10 4JL.


Clan Mackay Society Scotland Website:

Clan Mackay Society of USA :

The Clan Mackay Society USA has been formally established for some time.

National President: Charles E McKay, 3805 Camino Drive, Plano , TX 75074 USA.
Phone: (972) 424-3304

Secretary: Lynda Mckay, 3805 Camino Drive, Plano , TX 75074 USA.


Newsletter Editor: Amy Miller Beaton

Webmaster: The Official Website of Clan Mackay Society, USA Web Design
© 2011, Grogan & Fralick Designs.

Clan Mackay Society of USA Website:

Clan Mackay Association of Canada :

The Clan Mackay Association of Canada was formally established after that of the Nova Scotia Society.

President: Mrs Mora Mackay Cairns, 3665 Autumn Leaf Crescent, Mississauga, Ontario, L5L 1K7, Canada.

Newsletter: Mrs Sarah Bain Mallalieu.

Mrs Barbara Bain Mallalieu.

Clan Mackay Association of Canada Website:

Clan Mackay Society of New Scotland (Nova Scotia) :

The Clan Mackay Society of New Scotland in Nova Scotia was initially established in 1975 and incorporated in October 1981.

Clan Mackay Society of New Scotland (Nova Scotia)  
President: Mr Donald R Mackay, 116 Catherine Street, Sydney, Nova Scotia, B1N 2W3, Canada.

Clan Mackay Society of New Scotland (Nova Scotia) Website:

Clan MacKay Society of New Scotland

Clan Mackay Germany e.V:

Chieftain: Prof. Dr.H.C. Siegfried H.W. Schierstedt-Mackay

Dörholt 777
48727 Billerbeck, Germany
Phone :   +49 2543 9 31 81 41


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